Many people facing misdemeanor charges have never been arrested before and are unfamiliar with how the criminal justice system works.It is important to contact a criminal defense attorney when you are arrested or charged with a misdemeanor crime in Texas because you have important constitutional rights that need to be protected.

At the Law Office of Mili Patel, PLLC, we handle all Class A & B misdemeanors as well as Class C traffic tickets. A misdemeanor is an offense that does not rise to the level of a felony. However, misdemeanors can still carry serious consequences such as jail time, probation, loss of driving privileges and more. A misdemeanor conviction can make it difficult to find a job, rent an apartment or obtain a loan.

Misdemeanors are divided into three categories
• Class A: Maximum 1 year in county jail and/or maximum $4000 fine.
• Class B: Maximum 180 days in county jail and/or $2000 fine.
• Class C: Maximum $500 fine

Examples of Class A Misdemeanors:
• 2nd DWI
• Theft over $500
• Burglary of a motor vehicle
• Assault causing bodily injury

Examples of Class B Misdemeanors:
• Possession of Marijuana
• Disorderly Conduct
• Criminal Trespassing

Examples of Class C Misdemeanors:
• Traffic tickets
• Public intoxication
• Possession of drug paraphernalia
• Assault by contact

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