Family Law consists of many different facets of the law.  However, the core of Family law is in the name itself – the Family.  Anything that concerns the family is covered under the Family Law umbrella, whether it is divorce, adoption, annulment, child support matters, child custody matters, name changes, and more.

Family Law matters are matters trying to the heart.  Emotions and energy run high in Family Law cases, and rightfully so.  For the most part, and especially during divorce and child custody matters, people forget everything important about what they are fighting about, and concentrate on simply fighting.  When this happens, it is important to have the ability to step back and properly evaluate your situation.  That is why you need an attorney who is able to help you understand your situation without the emotions, but who is also able to bare those emotions with you.   Our attorney’s are able to do just that.

Some of the various family law issues that need an attorney’s help are:

  1. Divorce
  2. Annulment
  3. Child Custody
  4. Child Support
  5. Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements
  6. Name Changes
  7. Adoptions

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