Litigation is when one party sues another party for various issues. Litigation is a defined process that requires strategic planning and implementation of laws and the facts at hand. The Plaintiff believes that an injustice has been done to him so he sues the Defendant to enforce his rights or rectify damages that have occurred due to the Defendant’s behavior or actions. The Defendant may feel that the Plaintiff has also caused the Defendant an injustice or other damages and may countersue for as well. Where a dispute between two or more parties arise, and where the dispute cannot be amicably settled, there is a likelihood of litigation.

Disputes arise in all facets of life. In business, between friends, neighbors, or people you have never met before. More often than not, these disputes are amicably settled. However, there are times when it is necessary to involve legal counsel. It is important, in times like these, to have an attorney who is knowledgeable and aggressive in representing you and advocating on your behalf to yield a favorable resolution to your issue. The attorney’s at the Law Office of Mili Patel has been effectively representing individuals in the State of Texas since 2004.

Litigation Practice Areas:

  1. Debt Collection and Debt Collection Defense
  2. Partnership and Shareholder Disputes
  3. Transactional Disputes
  4. Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  5. Construction Law (Mechanic’s Lien filing, foreclosure, and defense)
  6. Contract Disputes
  7. Property Tax Disputes

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